Timo and the magic book

Timo and the magic book is written by Rian Visser, writer of many children’s books. Its illustrated by Klaas Verplancke, winner of the Bologna Ragazzi Award.

What it is:

Timo and the magic book is a story for children. At first it was just a book made out of paper. Now its in interactive book on the ipad. You can read the book on the ipad but you can also help Timo with his assignments. You can help Timo blow up a balloon for example. You have to blow in to the ipad and the balloon will be blowing up. You can also shake the ipad, they are telling you NOT to do that but it is fun when the dishes are falling out the cabinet. This interactive book is made for children but its also fun for grown ups to read it whit children.

Why its cool:

This form of reading is new for many children and grown ups. Instead of using your imagination you make it happen. Its cool because you can use your imagination and let it happen at the same time! Your creating your own story now!



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