Top Notch Loge Hennessy Artistry

2 weeks ago I joined my boyfriend to a party of Topnotch.
The invitation was very mysterious and we didn’t know what to expect.
The dress code was black tie and the party was started at 21.00.
When we arrived we’ve noticed that the head sponsor of the party was Hennessy.

Stage for artists of different caliber
In the spirit of Hennessy Artistry event is aimed at the summit of art, culture and music to stimulate and blending to create a unique concept to create special experiences. It offers a platform for artists of different caliber, from legends to promising newcomers. In the U.S. and Asia are already several Hennessy Artistry events put down, there was the stage by none entered it: The Roots, Q-Tip, Kanye West, The Strokes, Goldfrapp, Wyclef Jean, Mary J. Blige, Pharrell Williams and many others . Since 2006, Hennessy Artistry has emerged as a concept with spectacular shows in over forty countries, has earned a worldwide reach.

This is a cool event because Hennessy is an old brand but now they are trying to reach a much younger public to blend it with new and young artists. Hennessy is al over the place. They make it younger with cocktail mixers, hostesses and the black tie dresscode. But now they blend it with young hipsters and hot new music.


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