Tattoo? On my teeth please..

What it is?

Heward Dental Lab has been in the crown and bridge business for over 30 years. Their Utah-based lab has become known all over the world for its quality crown and bridge work as well as their tooth artwork.
Animals, royalty, celebrities, logos, letters and more can now live in your own mouth museum. The dental lab has trained tooth artists who will apply custom hand painted artwork (aka tooth tattoos) on a porcelain crown for your tooth.

Why its cool?

Why its cool? Its a tattoo! On your tooth! How awesome is that! Your looks are not only about your clothes or your shoes anymore. Your hair is a part of it, your earrings, your smile. We knew the golden teeth, the silver theeth, the grill and the diamant.. But a tattoo? Yes, we decorate or teeth the same way as we are decorating are bodies. Its always with you and you can hide it in a dark place if you want to..



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